Grand Pack, PE – This is a family company, that been created in 1996’y, and more than 20 years we are specializing in production of protective products from cardboard. For today, we are proud to offer you our high-quality product at adequate prices, which is paper edge protector and glued paper line.

High-quality equipment, daily monitoring and production culture, provide high quality products and a smile from our customers. Our pride is a qualified team and an individual approach to the client. Due to constant contact with our customers, we have information about the latest wishes of the market, that’s why we can more competently pick up the right sizes, for specific tasks, based on your needs and budget.

Our company supplies finished products all over Ukraine, as well as beyond. We appreciate every customer and guarantee the maximum convenience in work. It is for this reason that our product is chosen by the leading commodity producers of Ukraine and the near abroad countries.

Paper Edge Protector. “V” Profile.


This product is specially designed to protect your products at unloading, loading, storage in the warehouse and other actions with the final products. Also, it will allow increase the load strength when tightening the PP strap, while your product will not lose marketable appearance, due to the uniform distribution of the load to the entire corner, this will give a more robust view of the design. Reduce loosening when the truck is not fully loaded and friction at full load. We can produce paper edge protectors in the following sizes:
Width – ( A x B ) – from 30 mm x 30 mm to 80 mm x 80 mm
Thickness – ( C ) – from 2 mm to 5,5 mm
Length – ( L ) – From 300 mm to 5 000 mm
Also, this product can be used to save space both in the warehouse and in the truck, do not know how? Call us and we will tell!



Glued paper line. “I” Profile


This is multifunctional product, for different assignments. Here are a few of them:
If you need additional ventilation between the layers of your products, you can use a glued carton line. This will give a small space between the layers, where the air will pass.
The glued cardboard lines are used as a leg for cardboard pallets.
Reduce the shakiness of cardboard boxes for vegetables and berries.


Box paper edges. “V”Profile


Paper edge protector for boxes, are basically the same as standard edge protector, except the length. Box edges are very short (basically until 300mm). We have designed whole system that gives us ability to produce that short edges in short time and reduce the manufacturing cost of them. The dimensions are the same as standard edges, but the length, in this case, will be from 5mm until 300mm.


Asymmetric paper edge protector. “L” Profile


Asymmetric paper edge protector – is a unique product whose width is asymmetric (a different ratio of A x B) This product is used to protect products whose height is small. Let’s say the height of the finished product is 50 mm. You can order an asymmetric protective cardboard corner with dimensions 50mm x 80mm. In this case, you protect your entire product in height, and most of it by width or length, in case of using a standard 50mm x 50mm “V” Profile.






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